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At Wesley Crow Electric Inc. we have an outstanding safety record and a dedication to quality throughout the entire company. Our supervisors and employees are experienced in the industry, bringing an attention to detail to every project we work on. We employ licensed and skilled electricians, apprentices and laborers.

At WCEI we offer a range employee benefits available to each of our employess.

SIMPLE IRA retirement savings program where elective contributions are a dollar-for-dollar match of up to 3% of an employee's salary. 


Traditional group healthcare that also includes dental and vision. WCEI helps cover the cost of medical care for employees by paying for a portion of your insurance costs.  If you chose to participate, the amount you pay for your group benefit plans is taken from your weekly paycheck on a “pre-tax” basis.

Supplemental health program does not work like traditional insurance, it helps you pay for health care costs that aren't always covered by traditional health plans, but it depends on the plans you chose. 

Accrued sick leave is designed to provide position and salary continuation in the event of illness or injury. Employees accrue a certain number of days or hours of leave each week.   There is a max accumulation of 54 hours per year.  These hours will roll over from one year to the next if unused.


IEC program is a program designed to turn a laborer into an electrical apprentice and prepares them with the knowledge and training to prepare them to take and pass the state electrical Journeyman's exam.  This program is a commitment on both the employee and Wesley Crow Electric. Candidates for the program are selected based on attendance, attitude and the desire to learn the trade.

We have very experienced and skillful workforce that are trained to work with professionalism and integrity. If you feel you’re a good fit for our team, please click the application link below and complete your application.  You may also apply in person at         


                                                            1301 Mc Lean                                 

                                                        Lampasas, TX 76550


It is best to submit or complete you application as stated above. Please do not call and ask if we are hiring without first completing the application. Our labor needs change and we prefer to have an application in hand to review when the time comes to hire.

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